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Restaurant New York

Ratty the Rat Face grabbed my arm and said, "You can go to any restaurant in New York and get pizza."

I said he was dead wrong. I said it plain then I said it in song.

"Not every restaurant in New York serves pizza," I said. "Don't be a moron, Ratty the Rat Face."

Ratty the Rat Face became more and more agitated. I led him - he was blind - into one New York Restaurant after another. Pizza, pizza, pizza. We were getting full by now, and Ratty the Rat Face wasn't looking too good.

"Even sushi restaurants in New York?" I asked.

"Yes, Frieda, even sushi restaurants serve pizza in New York."

The point of the story is that Ratty the Rat Face was wrong. He always is, which is, in part, why I didn't believe him in the first place.